Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday, Christmas and much more.....

We've had a busy couple of weeks and I haven't even got my pictures uploaded yet! My birthday celebrations lasted for 4 days! It was a lot of fun and it sure makes a girl feel loved! Christmas this year, we were supposed to go to Iowa however the weather kept us here and I think this is the first Christmas we stayed at our house. We still have one more Christmas to go on Friday at G & G Meyer's!

Marissa has been loving playing outside in all the snow! She is really into sledding and making snowmen! The cold doesn't seem to bother her!

We are heading today to meet my brother and his family for an overnight at a waterpark hotel. The kids are sure to have fun!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I know we are looking forward to an exciting 2010!!

Ultrasound Appointment

Yesterday, we went in for our 2nd ultrasound. The baby is measuring 11 weeks, 6 days which means a due date of July 15, 2010. My doctor had told me that I would deliver at least a week early so that puts us somewhere around July 8th. The heartbeat was 168 bpm which is normal for the age of the baby.

This time the baby actually looked like a baby and we clearly could see it's spine, ribs, eyes, legs, arms, and a beautiful heartbeat like a little flash. The technician said the baby looks perfect which is always resassuring to a worrier like myself.

I go in for my 13 week appt next Friday and see the doctor for a quick check-up. I'm hoping my blood pressure is staying down and I won't have be treated for high blood pressure. 13 weeks also means the end of the 1st trimester which should mean I start to feel better! I'm really counting on this and hoping for the best! With Marissa I felt sick all the way to 16 weeks so I'm hoping it stops earlier this time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1st OB appointment!!

We went in today for our first ultrasound and OB appointment. Baby looks great and is growing perfect! We also confirmed that we only have one baby in there! I was a little worried because Tony has been saying he thinks we are having twins!! Baby's heartbeat was 173 which was great for this age. We also confirmed that we will delivering this baby around July 7th-11th depending on what's going on at that time! At least I have an end date this time since I'll be delivering via C-section!! We go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound and then a week after that for a regular OB appt. We are on the way!!! It's exciting!

Monday, December 7, 2009

3rd Birthday Party!

Princess Dress-Up Time

Marissa's cousin Charlie got in on the "dress-up" action. This pic will also be known as blackmail when he's older :)

Displaying her cake proudly!



Great party and a great day to celebrate Marissa's 3rd birthday!!!

Marissa's 3rd Birthday!

Marissa waiting patiently to open presents!

Showing off her loot!

Being blindfolded waiting for her BIG present!!!

LOVING her new bike!

We spent the day at the childrens museum in St. Paul. We took her out for pizza and her daddy took her roller skating for the first time!

Macy's Display & Train Ride!

We spent a Saturday taking the train downtown to see the Macy's Christmas Display. Marissa loved the train ride! We shopped, ate ice cream and spent good family quality time! The Macy's Display was the same as last year but Marissa seemed to like it more this year! The best part we didn't have to wait in line!!!

Christmas Cookie Baking!

Here's a few pics I got with Marissa & her grandma baking Christmas cookies!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A couple more....

Marissa's 3-year Pics!

We went and got Marissa's 3 year pictures done today! Here are some of the highlights!