Friday, March 5, 2010

4th OB Appointment

I went in this morning for my 21 week check-up! The doctor was pleased with my blood pressure and how everything is going! I get to go back for another ultrasound on March 15th so let's hope the baby cooperates this time and is in a different position.

Next appointment is glucose test time which means the 3rd trimester is right around the corner! The doc told me that next appointment we can schedule the C-Section so I'll know the baby's birth date! I'm shooting for Friday, July we'll see if he's available that day. How exciting! Then I really will be counting down the days!

Today, I woke up feeling pregnant....I mean really oh yeah, this baby is growing. I already feel uncomfortable in bed and when moving around I all of a sudden feel very pregnant. NOT GOOD since I have so much time left. On the ultrasound on Monday, she said the baby weighs 1 pound which is fantastic but if this baby follows suit of Marissa's 9 pound birth weight I have so many uncomfortable days to look forward to! I'm not complaining but I'm just finding it funny that all of a sudden it hits me like a truck!

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