Monday, February 14, 2011

7 months old!!!

Brody turned 7 months old yesterday!  Another month quickly flew by and we actually had a break from the cold winter weather with a 45 degree day!  Here is what the little man is up to this month!

**Wearing 6-9 Months Clothes or 9-12 Months depending on the brand!

**Wearing size 3 Diapers....
**You LOVE applesauce, bananas, oatmeal, pears, peaches and sweet potatoes!

**You are sitting up on your own like a PRO! 
**You reach for everything and like a true champ you put everything in your mouth.  Sissy is going to have to be very careful with all her polly pockets!
**You say MAMA, DADA, and BABA!  You say it with intention and know by saying it that you will get your way!

**Your sister makes you smile & laugh the most of everyone!
**Mommy bought you a new bath seat that allows you to sit up in the tub and you love taking baths with your sister!

**Your sister feeds you your cereal and you LOVE it!  You prefer her over anyone to feed you!  You LOVE her chugga chugga move! 

** You act like you are close to crawling because you know how to be on "all fours" when on your tummy! 

** You like to be held A LOT!  It doesn't help that Mommy loves to snuggle with you so you are a bit spoiled!

**You figured out the "stranger" thing already and prefer to stay with Mommy & Daddy. 

**You don't like to sleep anywhere but your bed and have started refusing to sleep in the car seat!

**You still don't have the whole sleeping thing figured out.  However, you are doing better! 

**You have two teeth on the bottom and are drooling A LOT so I'm thinking you are working on those top chompers!

**You are VERY ticklish on your tummy so it's easy to get you to laugh!

**You are moving around in your crib because you are always in a different spot than where I laid you down at!

We love you BRODY!  Happy 7 months!

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