Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Picture Post.....

Every week I look back in my phone and see what pictures I took to see what we were up to!  I like posting it on the blog so I can remember all the little fun things that consumed our time :)  So here it is our week in pictures!

Brody got a new car seat!  BIG BOY!!!

Favorite thing to do is swing!!

Gum Mustache!

I asked Marissa to make her bed.  She was so proud!  I was too and I had to take a picture of it since I thought it was funny that she piled as many "friends" as possible on it!

Marissa figured out how to get in the hammock by herself!  She LOVES it!

Look who crawled on top of the couch!  WATCH OUT!

1st bike trailer ride for Brody!

Brody was sitting the right way but he managed to move himself to swing sideways!

Emma and Marissa:  TWINS!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend 2011!

We spent another relaxing weekend at the cabin!  We don't have many weekends available to be up there so we were super glad to be able to squeeze this one in!  I don't need to even really tell you about it....I'll let the pictures do the talking!

So happy to be on the boat!!

1st time driving the boat with Grandpa!


Successful "crazy" driver boat ride!

Father's Day!

Present from Marissa!

The boys!

Girl Captains!

Driving with Dad!


Family Pic

Marissa had made a project at school to give Daddy for Father's Day.  It had questions that the teacher asked her:

#1:  What do you like best about your Dad? 
     Marissa's response:  "He is nice!"

#2:  What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
       Marissa's response:  "Play Rapunzel."

#3:  What is your dad's favorite food?
       Marissa's response:  "Pizza."

#4:  How old is your dad?
      Marissa's response: "80."

Super cute....made us both cry!  Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever!!  We all LOVE you so much!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Flashback.....Marissa at 11 months!

Posting Brody's info on his 11 month birthday made me wonder what was Marissa doing at this age and what did she look she is at 11 months!  Flashback time!  It doesn't seem like that long ago but yet it does since so much has happened since then!

Marissa-11 months

11 months old!!!

Today is Brody's 11-month birthday!  Another month flies by and we are excited for Brody's 1 year birthday!  He has really grown this month and it's so fun watching all the changes!!!  Here is what he is doing now!

****He has 10 teeth (getting two molars in the back right now)!!

****Crawls everywhere FAST and crawls up the stairs with mom's supervision!

****Wears size 12 months but getting close to moving up in the next size!

****Refuses baby food....shakes head NO NO NO until you force feed him a bite....then maybe he'll eat it!

****Loves to feed himself food.....much prefers it to being fed!

****Starting to give up having a bottle!  Doesn't love the formula anymore!  Soon will be working on whole milk!

****Likes playing with the sippy cup but would rather drink for a normal cup!

****Is a BIG mama's boy....and I oblige with a smile :)

****Wrinkles his nose all the time...and it's so cute! 

****Screams and yells when his toy gets taken away!  Definitely has an opinion now!

****HATES to get buckled in the car seat, HATES putting a bib on, and strongly dislikes the diaper change!

****Loves to play with his sissy and continues to think she is HILARIOUS!

Happy Birthday to my little (getting big so fast) boy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


These are the pics from this week!  Summertime is here....the weather has been interesting so far this summer but we are trying to enjoy the outside time that we have!  We got a season pass to Bunker Beach for the summer!  We were able to take advantage of the warm weather once this week and then it got cold again!  Here's a pic of Brody all ready to swim!

Brody in his swim gear!

Brody is now EVERYWHERE....including crawling up the's what I found him doing the other day....


Then I found Marissa wearing my Zumba skirt....I thought it was cute that she was sneaking around with it I grabbed my camera quick and got a pic!

Zumba time.....

Marissa was helping me out by acting like a baby gate so her brother wouldn't go up the stairs....
Baby gate

Yesterday, we went to the Family Fun Fest and got to see some great bands including Peter Furler.  It was super fun and lots of fun memories!! 

I caught Brody holding hands with Tony

Marissa took this picture.....super cute!

Look who we ran into....the Wahlstroms!

Awesome week!  Looking forward to another fun week ahead!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brody's Surgery Update!

Brody had surgery done on Tuesday to put tubes in both ears.  After 5 months of constant ear infections, it was time to come up with a solution!  We had been into the doctor every week and he hasn't been without antibiotics for all 5 months!  UGH!  This mama was ready for him to feel better! 

He did so great and didn't even cry once!  The hardest part was the LONG wait for them to come get him to do the surgery.  They had us be there at 6:45AM and they finally came to get him at 9:15AM.  Too long for a little boy to sit and wait on a empty tummy! 

Glad it's over and now we have a healthy, happy boy again! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand Old Days 5K Race!

Yesterday we ran our 2nd race of the summer at Grand Old Days in St. Paul.  The coarse was fun as we got to run down Grand Avenue smelling all the fantastic food!  What was not so fun was the hills and the hot sun beating down on us!  HA!  I shaved 3 minutes off my time in April so I felt happy about that!  Next month, we are ramping up and doing a 10K on July 23rd.  Here's some pics from the race!

Our team!  Betsy, Keia, Tony, Cameron & Kelly

Me & Betsy


Then we headed out to Bunker Beach Water Park with the kids for the afternoon!  It was so much fun and a beautiful day for it!  Of course, the kids and OK the adults too had to indulge in some ice cream before the day was over!

COUSIN TIME:  Lukas, Marissa & Degen