Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One year of change....

One year ago today, I made the committment to change my life to lead to a more healthy ME!  I can't believe it has been entire year of eating healthy, working out almost every day and setting new goals.  I started this with the simple goal of just to be healthier.  Although, I'm not ultimately at my final goal, I have made great strides towards it.  I could never have imagined running a 10-mile race like I did last weekend because when I started I could not even run a 1/2 block.  I know I have accomplished a lot this year and I'm looking forward to seeing where I am at this time next year!  I have 18 days until I'm running the half-marathon in San Francisco and I will so glad that another goal of mine is completed.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this know who you are and I could not have done it without you.  I've had an amazing support group and I've met so many new people this year who have encouraged me and made me believe in myself and the things that can be accomplished with lots of hard work!  THANK YOU!  I hope this next year is as successful as the last! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Women Run The Cities 10-Mile Race!

Yesterday, I participated in the Women Run The Cities 10-mile race in Minneapolis.  I was somewhat dreading this race just because it was such a long distance and I am SO SO SO glad it's over now!  I couldn't wait to see that finish line.  My legs were so tired but more than that, mentally I was just ready to be done running.  I am so sore today which hasn't happened in like a year so I guess it must have been a real challenge for my legs.....more than what I was expecting!  Here's a few pics we took from race day!

Pre-race with Betsy

Marissa & I pre-race (notice how she is being water-belt girl)

FINISHED!  Sporting our medals and feeling glad that it was over!

Moms On The Run group participants!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Orchard

One of our fall traditions is to visit the apple orchard!  It's a fun day and we get some yummy apples to do some baking with.  Now I just need to figure out what we are going to make.  We visited Minnetonka Orchards for the 2nd time and had such a fun, family day.  Marissa LOVED the corn maze!  It turned out to be a perfect fall day to be outside at the orchard!  Here's some pics from the day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

1st day of school!

Marissa is at her first day of school right now!  She was so excited to go back!  She kept telling me that all the way to school!  She saw all of her friends again and she seemed just fine when I left!  I'm excited to see and hear about everything they did!  Here's a few pics that I captured this morning!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One more family day....

We were lucky enough to squeeze in one more family day yesterday since Tony had the day off!  Our fall schedule is incredibly busy so it was nice to just be able to spend time together before the craziness starts!  We loaded up the bikes and headed over to St. Paul.  We enjoyed a beautiful weather morning with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze!  We rode around Lake Como and took in some sights that we hadn't seen before! 

All snuggled in and ready to go!

We ate lunch at a new restaurant to us....we enjoyed sitting outside by the lake!  Here's where we at:

Lake Como

We then headed to Como Zoo!  Both kids enjoyed seeing all the animals and it was such a nice, relaxing day together!  Here's a few pics from the zoo!  We ended the day with a fire in our backyard with s'mores!  Can't get a better day!  Back to reality today!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011!

We had an awesome Labor Day weekend which isn't even over yet!  Tony's company gave them an extra day off so we still have one more day of "vacation"!  Super excited!  We got to do lots of fun things as a family and that time is so cherished!  Here's a few pics of our weekend!

*****Eating out at Bonfire where the kids get to make their own pizza's and ice cream sundaes! 

*****Seeing Cars 2 at the Drive-In with John, Beth, Meghan & Abby!

*****Going for a LONG bike ride through Elm Creek Park Reserve along with some really fun playtime at their new park!

*****Playing tennis for the first time in 7 years!  It was such a fun time to get to play again!  Especially with our very own "Ball Girl" to help run after the balls!

Looking forward to one more family day before the chaos of our fall schedule begins!!!

Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa Craig!

We celebrated with Grandpa Craig his 60th Birthday today!  Happy Birthday to the very best Grandpa my kids could ever hope for!  We love you!  Here's some pics from today's party!

60th Birthday Garb!

Holgrimson Family:  Notice how Brody wouldn't look at the camera...hmmm!


Marissa was so happy to be able to pick out Grandpa's cake!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Last week of SUMMER!

It's been a good week!  We've got in two trips to Bunker Beach with our friends, a dinner out to celebrate Grandpa Craig's 60th Birthday, fun family bike rides, trips to the playground, a girls night out to the Vikings game and to end the week a trip to the doctor for Brody to find out he has strep throat!  Hoping he feels better soon so we can do some fun things this weekend!

Here's a few pictures I snapped throughout the week!

Playing Leapster during breakfast

COUSINS:  Marissa, Abby, Brody and Meghan (looking like she is giving me the LOSER sign...hmmmm)


Freezer Pops at Bunker Beach

You are squeezing me too tight SISTER!

Tony, John, Scott & Craig

Me & Betsy at the Vikings game