Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sledding Time!

Second post of the day!  Brody enjoyed his first sledding adventure today in our back yard!  Tony took the kids sledding after our snowfall yesterday!  Marissa was super excited to get out in it to play!  Brody looked like he was enjoying it as much as a one-year old can!   Here's some pics!

All dressed and ready to go!

1st time on a sled!

Daddy taking B for a ride!

Family Pic!

The boys!

Hot (or lukewarm) Cocoa with Marshmellows for Marissa and Chocolate Milk for Brody!

Let the holiday season begin!

Here I am again looking through my pictures I took this week and see what I can share about our week! 

Marissa went to a tea party at her friend Emma's.  They were asked to bring their favorite Princess dress.  Of course, she choose Rapunzel.....AND we just HAD to bring the wig as well.....I need to get rid of that wig looks SO BAD...but she has fun with it!  Here's a pic of the girls at their party drinking their tea (a.k.a. lemonade)......

Marissa, Emma J and Emma G

On one of our many trips to Target each week, Marissa talked me into having lunch there....for some reason she loves the meal of cherry icee and a Pizza Hut cheese pizza......Brody loved his chicken nuggets and insisited on sitting in the big chair to eat them.  His chin was the same height as the table but I have to say he did an excellent job eating!

Here's him saying CHEESE and's so funny....


Last night we ventured out in the first snowfall of the year to check out the Linder's Greenhouse lighting ceremony.  I used to do this with my Grandpa and Grandma Manson each year at the greenhouse in their town so it felt very Christmasy!  Hot cider, cookies, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Live reindeer and sleigh rides, family hayride, choir singing Christmas carols, and the grand finale of the lighting ceremony of thousands of almost felt like the scene from the Christmas Vacation movie as we were counting down......Let the Holidays begin!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Auntie Beth!

Last night we went to a Surprise Party for Auntie Beth!  She turned 30 yesterday and so we just wanted to wish her a very Happy 30th Birthday!  I can't believe I didn't take one picture!  I just uploaded the pics from my phone to see if there were any good ones to share.  We had a pretty low-key weekend but I did take a couple cute pictures of Tony & Marissa playing catch in the backyard.  Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most and I know Marissa will always remember the times that it was just "Daddy" time.  I can't believe she is going to be FIVE in just two short weeks!  There may be a tear or two shed that day!  My little girl is not so little anymore!  Here's a couple pics from our week!

Playing catch with daddy!

Daddy's Girl!

Proud Mama!

Sweet kisses!  These happen a lot between these two!  I LOVE seeing my two kids that LOVE each other so much!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend with the fam....

Well this past weekend has flown by yet again and here we are back at Monday.  Today I am finally getting my hair cut and colored!  It's been at least 8 months since I've had it done and it SO desperately needs it!  I'm so looking forward to a little pampering tonight especially after such a busy weekend!  First off, Brody has regressed and started getting up at 3:30 AM for the past 3 mornings and needless to say I am exhausted!  I have no idea what is going on with him.  He doesn't act sick at all.  He's not teething.  So what is it?  Maybe he knew we were going to have a super busy weekend and decided he wanted to start each day early! 

Friday night as soon as Tony pulled in the driveway, we took off and headed over to John & Beth's new house.  Tony got to work on moving the furniture and boxes while I tackled the kitchen.  I wanted to help Beth get settled ASAP and usually the kitchen is one of the first things you need when you move in.  We got a lot done and didn't stop working until after 10:00 pm.  Which means we didn't get home until after 11.....a VERY late night for us!  HA! 

Saturday morning, we got ready and met up with my family who was in town for the weekend.  My Aunt Anita & Uncle Jerry...cousins Todd, Laura, Lydia & Drew and my brother, Cam and my nephews, Degen & Lukas plus the four of us made for a nice big table at Big Bowl where ate lunch.  It was fun to catch up with them since we haven't been together in a long time!  We took the kids over to the indoor playground and let them run off some energy for a few hours and Marissa really loved spending time with her cousins.  We went back to my mom's and tackled some home improvement projects for her since my brother had brought his tools up!  Then we headed off to dinner and took the kids roller skating to top off the night.  I haven't been skating in such a long time.  It's kind of like riding a just comes back to you!  Cam and I had fun re-living our childhood weekend nights where we would always go skating with our friends.  The boys did AMAZING....Lukas was a natural and just skated like he had been doing it for years.  Degen NEVER gave up no matter how many times he fell.  Marissa did really good too despite some frustration she had at first. 

Sunday, the boys wanted to go to Sunday School with Marissa so they came over to our church and then we headed out to lunch before they went home.  It was fun weekend and I am really hoping Brody sleeps tonight so we can all catch up on our sleep!!!  Here's some pics from the weekend that I got on my phone!

Marissa & Lukas....two peas in a pod!

Degen & Brody.....B sure loved having his BIG cousin's attention!

The 4 grandkids!

Lukas, Marissa & Degen

Ready to skate....

Friday, November 4, 2011

An update.....

Nothing super exciting is happening for us this week but I just downloaded the pictures from my phone to see what I could share.  I didn't get a picture of this but Marissa had her 1st cavity filled at the dentist yesterday.  It was not a fun experience but I'm glad it's behind her!  Little does she know that in a month from now she has to go in for her 5-year check-up and there is the dreaded shots involved with that appointment!  I am so dreading that! 

Brody is plugging away at learning to walk.  Today he walked up and down the halls of Marissa's school and I was so happy to see it.  He still falls and gets back up quite a bit and has that wide stance when he walks but it is super cute and I'm glad he is finally showing interest in walking!  Marissa was walking at 9 months and he is almost 16 months so they are so vastly different in so many ways!  He says so many words now and it is so fun to hear his little voice!  He continues to be fascinated with his "sissy" and is lost without her when she is at school. 

Marissa is already super excited for her birthday and talks about it every day.  She wants a Dora party and has picked out her cake!  Now, me....I'm not a huge fan of Dora but it's her day so I will oblige......I really can't believe she will be 5 makes me sad just thinking of it but she is growing up and becoming super independant!

Here's a few pictures from the past week that I found on my phone!

This is happening a lot these days.....Marissa shutting her brother out of her's kinda sad seeing him just waiting for her on the outside!

A LOT of wrestling going on.....Brody is famous for his "Brody Slam"

A big KISS for his favorite girl....

TROUBLE with a capital B.....he likes to crawl INTO the drawers..... being silly!

I uploaded all 492 pictures from our San Francisco trip and here's one of me on the trolley!