Thursday, January 26, 2012

India and more....

Last week, Tony had to travel to Chennai, India for a week long trip for business.  I was a little nervous having him so far away but the week went smoothly and we survived!  Marissa got a geography lesson as we talked a lot about Daddy being on the other side of the world.  She had a lot of questions about how the sun and how Daddy couldn't see it when we could, etc.  Hey, we could always use more frequent flier miles :)  He picked a good week to be gone since the wind chills were -40 and he was basking in the 80 degree weather!  Here's a few pics he took on his trip!

So, while he was gone we continued with our normal routine:  School, YMCA, Church, Cubbies, Dance, Playdates, Library know the usuals of our life :)

Here's some pics I took of our week!

Marissa trying on my water belt for running.  She is ready to run her first race this summer!

Brody trying to drink from the DOLL bottle.....think he is trying to go backwards in time?

Ready for school!

Make-Your-Own Pizza's at Emma's

We even got a trip into the Children's Museum in St. Paul!  Both kids LOVED it!  We will be going back soon for sure!

Playing in the kitchen!

Brody loved the grocery store!

When Tony got home on Sunday night, he told us that he would take the day off on Monday so we could have a family day!  So we took the kids to Caribou and then we went Bowling.  Marissa LOVED it and has continually asked to go back.  Brody DIDN'T want any help....that was interesting!  We enjoyed having some time to be with Tony before he had to go back to work!  Here's a few pics from our family day!

Sharing a snack at Caribou

Ready to bowl!

Getting a lesson from Daddy!

Brody kept saying, "BALL, BALL, BALL"

Another lesson given....

Girls WON!

To end this post, I found Brody a minute ago like this....what a goofy kid!!! 

Now we are caught up again!  I am so glad January is almost over!  I'm SO ready for Spring!  Until next time....

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