Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yesterday marked Brody's 19-month birthday which I thought it deserved a post!  He has really made some big changes this month!  He has become quite the independant little boy!  The biggest changes this month are his talking abilities!  He really says everything now and communicates really well!  He copies what other people say so he is picking up on words very quickly!  It makes it so much nicer that he can tell me what he needs!  One night, while watching Wheel of Fortune (our nightly routine), we heard Brody copying every letter that was called.  So I thought why not teach him to spell his name.  Sure enough, he CAN DO IT! It's very cute! 

Another big stride is he is doing so well at potty training!  I never thought he would be ready this early but he is a pro at it!  He even told us at the restaurant we were at this weekend!  We took him to the potty and sure enough he went!  HOORAY!  He is SO great at telling us!  Of course, he is very proud of his accomplishments!  This may or may not last but it sure is great now! 

He is growing up so quickly!  He still loves balls, trucks, cars and stuffed puppies (real ones not so much)!  He is such a typical boy and I love seeing how different he is than Marissa.  He still adores her and wants to do everything she is! 

Happy 19-month birthday to my precious little man!

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