Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cubbies Award Program!

Last night, we celebrated with Marissa as she finished out her 2nd year of Cubbies at church.  She got all her patches and was super excited to be moving on up next year to Sparky's.  She learned over 70 verses in the course of 2 years and has worked super hard each week on memorizing!  We are SUPER proud of her hard work and I seriously can't believe how quick these two years flew by!  I remember the first night she came home and wanted to go over to Grammy's house at 9:00PM to have her sew it on.  So we made the deal that we would go over during Grammy's lunch hour the next day for her to sew it!  It's been fun watching her get each patch and her excitement over every accomplishment! 

Marissa with her grandparents!

Family Pic

Marissa and her teacher, Ms. Ruth!  She was lucky enough to her Ms. Ruth for both of years as a cubbie!

Getting her award from Tammy Atkins, Awana Commander

Showing it off!

Cubbie Vest all COMPLETED!  Good Job, Marissa!

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