Saturday, June 23, 2012

A perfect summer evening....

Tonight was an amazing night that we spent together the 4family!  We had so much fun!  We headed down to Lake Calhoun with our bikes in tow.  We rode around the lake and then stopped at one of our favorite outdoor restaurants, Tin Fish!  The food was just as delicious as we remembered!  Next, we biked over to the beach and let the kids build sand castles and swim in the lake.  Marissa is like a fish herself and loves swimming in the water!  She made a new friend and they swam for a long time while Brody played in the sand and headed to the playground to play!

We packed up and headed over to the Lake Harriet Bandshell for some live music!  We laid out our blankets and enjoyed the perfect weather listening to music and what's a summer night without a little ice cream! 

I love summer nights like this.  Simple but yet lots of memories were made!  Here's some pics I took!


We are really enjoying the warm summer weather and taking full advantage of it!  My not even 2-year old requests to sit on the deck to eat and we happily oblige!  We are doing what we do best in the summer and that is:  BE OUTSIDE!  Lots of bike rides to the park for playtime and picnics!  Lots of pool time at Bunker Beach! 

This week we even got to play tennis.  Marissa was a natural and impressed me so much!  I am going to have an awesome tennis partner in a few short years.  I can't believe how well she can serve the ball and even return my serves! 

Next week is her last soccer game!  The season went fast and I know she had lots of fun and learned a lot!  Thanks to Daddy, the soccer coach, for doing an awesome job this season! 

This week we got the opportunity to go to the strawberry patch and pick our own strawberries with our friends, Betsy, Emma & Kolden!  I've never done this before in my entire life so it was experience for me too!  Brody didn't seem to realize that you shouldn't eat all the strawberries before we leave the patch!!  It was fun and I for sure want to do again next year!

Here's a few pictures from our week!  Thanks Betsy for taking these since I still haven't bought a new camera!  I broke ours in Jamaica and need to invest in one VERY SOON!

Emma and Marissa hanging out in the lazy river!


Brody and Daddy on the lazy river!

Best Friends!

Strawberry girls!

Do you like the strawberry juice on Brody's face?

Taking a break!

Tony and Marissa playing tennis!

Brody has quite the vocabulary these days and it is totally cracking me up.  Some highlights I wrote down for this week were:  One morning he woke up and I went in his room and I said, "Did you lose paci?" and Brody said, " Tigger took it!"  I just about fell over laughing.  Tigger sleeps with him in his bed so I thought it was so cute that he said that!  Whenever he does something he is proud of like dancing he says, "mom, watch!"  I love the fact that he calls popsicles "POKERS".  He can scream down the steps for his sister and you hear, "Marissa, Marissy, Marissa, SISSY."  Marissa asked me how many days until Brody's birthday, so I did the quick math and only 20 days until he turns 2!  I can't believe it! 

To end this post, I just want to write about Marissa and her LOVE to serve me breakfast in bed!  She always writes up a menu (with her daddy's help) and makes me stay in bed to bring me my breakfast.  Now you would think I only get this type of thing on special day's like my birthday or mother's day but NO.....she does it A LOT and I LOVE IT!  She sure knows how to make her mama feel good! 

Marissa with her menu.  If you look close you can see "Marissa's Restaurant" on the front page!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Major Catch-Up Post!!!!

SO much has been going on and I have some major catching up to do!  So here we go!  What we have been up to since getting back from Jamaica!!!

Grammy had a birthday so we went to Amore Victoria for brunch and then headed over to Lake Calhoun to enjoy some lake time & the awesome playground they have there!

We've done A LOT of pool time, bonfires, bike rides to the park, and trips to the ice cream shoppe! 

We also attended the Family Fun Fest last weekend!  We got Tony tickets to Peter Furler for Christmas so we were excited to get to see his concert!  Marissa and I went down the huge slide and I have the rug burn to prove it!  The kids loved all the rides and they both liked riding the train & carousel! 

This weekend we got to go to the drive-in with John, Beth, Meghan, Abby & Sophia to see Madagascar 3.  The kids had a great time but it was a very late night! 

Then today for Father's Day Tony took Marissa with him to the golf course but unfortunately it got rained out so they diverted to Caribou and Bowling!  Then ended the night with bike ride to the park and a trip to Sweet Toppings!

And in other news, Marissa is working on riding her bike WITHOUT training wheels.  She is doing an amazing job riding it and we have been doing lots of practice!  Also, we found out this week that she will be going to school Monday/Wednesday/Friday in the fall!  It will be here before you know it! 

Lastly, here's one pic I got of all the cousins when they were playing at the garage sale this week! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

10-year Wedding Anniversary Trip!

We got home Wednesday from a wonderful vacation to Jamaica.  We celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary while we were there!  It was a week full of lots of relaxing!  We enjoyed the beautiful Jamaican weather and a week together was so super amazing!  I'll let the pictures do the talking for us!  Many wonderful memories were made and I know we won't forget this trip!  Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

One of many self-portraits! 


I spent LOTS of time on this pool mat!!!

Anniversary Dinner!

Our dinner table on the beach!


Hobie Cat!  We made it back to shore but it wasn't easy!


Ziplining at YS Falls!

Another self-portrait!

The beach had a bright light at night :)

Right outside our door!  I spent lots of time in here!

YS Falls in the Waterfall!  Super amazing!

Last morning....heading home!