Sunday, July 29, 2012

I love summer weekends!

There is nothing like summer weekends full of family fun!  It gives us a chance to recharge for the week ahead and spend some AWESOME family time together!  I love exploring the city and doing our annual summer traditions!  I must say A LOT of pictures we're taken so this post will be full of them! 

Friday night, we headed down to South Minneapolis to check out the Midtown Global Market.  It was full of amazing authentic food and we took advantage of it!  HA!  We each got food from different vendors and then the kids enjoyed the family night atmosphere of watching the puppet show! 

Saturday morning, Tony packed up the kids and took them to the Kelley Farm.  It's a working farm from the late 1800's.  Marissa & Brody both really enjoyed the animals and helping the farmers do different chores around the farm. 

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Anoka County Fair with the Johnson family!  The kids liked checking out the animals, the girls went on a pony ride and also rode the carousel.  We took the kids to the Monster Truck show which Brody was not so sure about the loud noises associated with that show so we didn't stay at it very long but surprisingly Marissa really liked it!  We headed home to watch the Olympics! 

Today, we headed to Wayzata for our annual summer outing of brunch and beach time!  We love hanging out at Lake Minnetonka and it was a beautiful day for being outside! After the beach we walked down to the local Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream treat before heading home for naptime! 

Tonight after dinner, I took the kids to the park to burn off some energy!  Here's a few pics I got to top off our weekend!

Already looking forward to next weekend!!!! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had a busy weekend and are trying to get back into the routine today!  I was able to attend family day with Marissa at Y camp to see her performance and check out what she had been doing all week!  She had a fantastic week at camp!  After camp, we took the kids to Cherry Berry, a new ice cream place in town. 

Tony took the kids to meet up with their cousins on Friday night at Bunker Beach while I went shopping at Albertville!  They had a blast playing at the pool! 

Early, well very early, on Saturday morning I got up to go running and got caught in a thunderstorm....that was fun and my shoes are still drying out!  However, I managed to get back home in one piece and was able to get Marissa ready to head to her FIRST birthday party of the day.  Her big cousin, Lydia, turned 8 and had a Rock N' Roll themed party this year.  She enjoyed dressing the part :)

Meanwhile, Tony and Brody went to the air show in Blaine where Brody got to see lots of WW2 airplanes and give lots of high fives to Veterans!  He LOVED it!  A father/son day is always good!

Then we headed over to Marissa's little cousin, Abby's 3rd birthday party.  I didn't take any pictures except one of the kids table at cake time!  Shoot!  I did take lots of pics with John & Beth's camera so hopefully some of them turned out!  Here's one I got!

We stayed up late at John and Beth's so the kids slept in while I went for a run with Betsy early Sunday morning.  Then church and Bunker beach were on the agenda for Sunday.  Tony and Marissa stayed all day while I came home to let Brody nap.  After we picked them up, we headed to the park and then home for dinner.  We had a failed attempt at a campfire so we grilled hot dogs and s'mores and got the slip n' slide out for the kids to play in the backyard.  Brody was skeptical at first about the slip n'slide but he really got into it!  An awesome day was had by all and we know it because Marissa put herself to bed and fell asleep in like 3 seconds! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brody's 2-year check-up!

I took Brody in for his 2-year check-up at the doctor this morning!  He is a healthy kid and for that I am thankful!  His tubes that he had put in a year ago came out now so I am really hoping that he grew out of those ear infections so he doesn't have to do the tubes again!  He had to get one shot and now he is done until he's FIVE!  You know he is getting older when they don't need to see him back for a year! 

Here was his 2-year old stats:

33 inches tall:  20th percentile
27.9 pounds:  40th percentile

His height to weight ratio is about the 70th percentile!  The doctor said he growing perfectly and exactly what they want to see!  Yay, Brody! 

Just to compare what Marissa was at her 2-year check up:

She was 36 inches tall and 30 pounds!  Brody may be following in the Allyn genes with being "petite".  Poor kid!  HA! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Y Camp!

This week Marissa is attending the YMCA Camp called Dragons, Fairies and Princesses!  Yesterday, she hopped on the bus and headed to Guy Robinson Camp in Oak Grove with her BFF, Emma.  It's an all day camp but she came home with lots of fun stories and she was up at 6:15AM this morning ready to go!  Some highlights of their week are:  Swimming in the lake, Arts/Crafts, Archery, Archeological Dig, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rockwall climbling, Cookout/Campfire, Fishing, Tea Party, and Game Time!  Friday is family day where we get to go see what she has been up to all week and watch some skits, have a picnic and go swimming in the lake with them! 

It sure is quiet around here with just Brody and me.  I'm getting a taste of what this Fall will be like when she is off to school all day!  Brody does not love that she gets to ride the school bus and he doesn't!  When we were waiting to pick her up last night, he said "school bus" at least 4000 times!  Marissa has thanked me many times for signing her up for camp!  I am so happy she is having fun! 

The Weekly Schedule

Emma and Marissa on the bus all ready to go to camp!

Ready to load the bus ~

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brody's 2nd Birthday!

I'm finally having a moment to breath and blog :)  We are wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our big TWO year old!  Brody had an awesome weekend celebrating and we are all a little exhausted tonight! 

We started his birthday on Friday with a special breakfast and a snuggle on the couch with his sissy!  We met up with Grammy at Axel's which is one of the kids favorites because they get to make their own pizza's and ice cream sundaes!  It's such fun for them!

Then we headed home to meet up with Daddy who left work early and headed to ComoTown after nap to ride some rides and have dinner out! 

Marissa and I on her favorite ride the "Tilt-A-Whirl"

Me with the birthday boy!

Riding the train with daddy!

LOVES driving the cars!

Nothing says birthday like dinner at Chili's, another favorite restaurant of our family!  Check out the dessert they gave him!

Then we headed home for Brody to open his presents from our family!

His reaction was priceless!  This pic is a little blurry but it captures his reaction!

Saturday, we celebrated with our families at our favorite park!  Brody enjoyed spending time with all his cousins!  He got spoiled by everyone and loved everything he was given! 

After the party, we headed over to Bunker Beach to swim!  Marissa enjoyed playing with her cousins!  We then headed out for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate my nephew, Lukas's 5th Birthday!  It's a fun place to eat plus the playground is super convenient when the kids get bored of waiting!  They even let the birthday boy and his cousins play with the superhero dress-up game for his birthday!  After dinner, we headed back to Grammy's house for more cake and presents and playtime!  They always are sad to leave each other but we hope that we can see everyone again soon! 

Brody trying out his new scooter!

To end this birthday post, here's a look back at Brody only a few minutes old.....we love you so much Brody and you made such a perfect fit to complete our family!  Happy 2nd Birthday!