Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brody's 2-year check-up!

I took Brody in for his 2-year check-up at the doctor this morning!  He is a healthy kid and for that I am thankful!  His tubes that he had put in a year ago came out now so I am really hoping that he grew out of those ear infections so he doesn't have to do the tubes again!  He had to get one shot and now he is done until he's FIVE!  You know he is getting older when they don't need to see him back for a year! 

Here was his 2-year old stats:

33 inches tall:  20th percentile
27.9 pounds:  40th percentile

His height to weight ratio is about the 70th percentile!  The doctor said he growing perfectly and exactly what they want to see!  Yay, Brody! 

Just to compare what Marissa was at her 2-year check up:

She was 36 inches tall and 30 pounds!  Brody may be following in the Allyn genes with being "petite".  Poor kid!  HA! 

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