Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had a busy weekend and are trying to get back into the routine today!  I was able to attend family day with Marissa at Y camp to see her performance and check out what she had been doing all week!  She had a fantastic week at camp!  After camp, we took the kids to Cherry Berry, a new ice cream place in town. 

Tony took the kids to meet up with their cousins on Friday night at Bunker Beach while I went shopping at Albertville!  They had a blast playing at the pool! 

Early, well very early, on Saturday morning I got up to go running and got caught in a thunderstorm....that was fun and my shoes are still drying out!  However, I managed to get back home in one piece and was able to get Marissa ready to head to her FIRST birthday party of the day.  Her big cousin, Lydia, turned 8 and had a Rock N' Roll themed party this year.  She enjoyed dressing the part :)

Meanwhile, Tony and Brody went to the air show in Blaine where Brody got to see lots of WW2 airplanes and give lots of high fives to Veterans!  He LOVED it!  A father/son day is always good!

Then we headed over to Marissa's little cousin, Abby's 3rd birthday party.  I didn't take any pictures except one of the kids table at cake time!  Shoot!  I did take lots of pics with John & Beth's camera so hopefully some of them turned out!  Here's one I got!

We stayed up late at John and Beth's so the kids slept in while I went for a run with Betsy early Sunday morning.  Then church and Bunker beach were on the agenda for Sunday.  Tony and Marissa stayed all day while I came home to let Brody nap.  After we picked them up, we headed to the park and then home for dinner.  We had a failed attempt at a campfire so we grilled hot dogs and s'mores and got the slip n' slide out for the kids to play in the backyard.  Brody was skeptical at first about the slip n'slide but he really got into it!  An awesome day was had by all and we know it because Marissa put herself to bed and fell asleep in like 3 seconds! 

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