Friday, October 12, 2012

14 years and counting.....

Today marks our 14-year anniversary.....on this day a short 14 years ago, we were driving in "Big Red" (The nickname Tony's car got in college) and heading over to Tony's parent's house to watch professional wrestling on TV.  Why you ask, I have no idea.  However, I guess I must have been smitten to think that I would want to watch that!  Anyways, I remember that a friend of Tony's had written on his hand in class, "I love Keia" that day and that was quite the topic of conversation for the night.  In the middle of driving down I-694 Tony asked me to be his girl and we've never looked back.  Every year we've celebrated by doing something special to mark this day.  Well today is no different!  We are heading with the kids to Turks & Caicos in the morning so we are going to spend the night in the hotel and go out for a nice dinner!  We are all excited to get away from the hussle and bussle of life and just be together.  I know lots of memories will be made on this trip.  We are lucky enough to share this trip my Grammy too!  I think we will all enjoy the beach, the food, the sun and all the activities that this resort has to offer! 

Happy Anniversary to my one and only love!

Our 1st picture together 14 years ago......

Now to catch up on life within the last week or so!  We've been doing a lot of raking and the kids have been enjoying helping and of course jumping in the leaf piles!  Brody's tubes fell out in his ears so what comes next, yep you guessed it:  an ear infection!  After a week of crabbiness, I think he is on the road to recovery!  Both kids have had colds for 3 weeks so I'm hoping the heat of the Caribbean sun bakes it out of them! 

My helpers!

We took advantage of the last beautiful warm day and spent it having a picnic at the park followed by a long nature walk.  We found many things including caterpillars.  Brody had no fear of picking it up but he needs to learn "gentle" still because he threw it down hard on the ground.  Marissa tried nursing it back by creating a little "fort" for it to protect it from mean little brothers :) 

We've had a busy week preparing for our trip and with an unexpected death of our microwave that added one extra project to the list.  Ugh!  We did manage to sneak away and get our nails done so we are ready for vacation!  Marissa went with us this time and she wasn't so sure at first but she really liked it and it was fun to watch her do a "big girl" thing!

Well, I'm off to finish packing!  Have a fabulous week!

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