Monday, January 21, 2013

Our January update.....

So I just noticed that I haven't posted anything new since January 1st.  I can't say that we have been doing any really wonderful or fun things in the last 3 weeks.  We have been doing "life".  Tony's car officially had it's good run and we were forced into finding a new car.  We've had that car since 2001 so I would say it gave us many good years!  It's almost a little sad to see it go!  After lots of stress about finding a new "used" car for us, we did pick up our new SUV on Thursday.  We are happy to have that behind us now!  One less stress on both of us!  It was tough being a one car family for 2 weeks. 

Brody has had re-current ear infections again since his last set of tubes fell out so I took him back to the doctor today who now wants us to make another trip to the ENT.  I know this means another ear tube surgery is coming his way.  UGH! 

Marissa finished her book at Sparks last week so now she on to her extra credit book!  I'm so proud of her and how hard she has worked!  She is starting to blow her nose again so I have a feeling she caught a virus at school!  So that means 2 for 2 kids is sick! 

Now a flooring update:  yesterday we took up the tile in the rest of the dining room, kitchen and entry way area and we are hoping to get our new floor completed in the next 2-3 weeks.  Who knew it would be this hard to get the insurance company to give us the money to complete the project.  Many, many, many phone calls and emails have went into this process but we are hopeful that this will be done by the end of February.  Until then we walk on the plywood floor.....sigh....

I'm going to post the BEFORE pic so I that I can post an AFTER pic SOON hopefully:

SO that catches us up on LIFE things....maybe next time I'll actually have something exciting to tell you's to hoping!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We start another year fresh and with hope that it will be a successful & happy year!  We look forward to everything 2013 will bring!  I was thinking this morning how this time next year I will have a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 year old and that seems so strange!  What's that saying?  The days go slow but the years go too fast or something like that.....but it is so true.  We look back at 2012 and we did got to experience some really awesome things.  It was a hard year in many respects but we are thankful for it. 

We've had a busy week of Christmas break.  We got to celebrate Christmas with Grammy on Thursday & Friday.  We all spent the night, played games, ate really good food, opened presents, went sledding, ate some really good food, watched movies and just enjoyed being together as a family.  Thanks Mom for making it a special holiday for us!

Christmas dinner at Grammy's

SCRABBLE!  Marissa played on her own for the first time! 

Sledding at the local hill by Grammy's

Several games of twister were played

My big girl!

We also did a few other fun things throughout the week.  The kids met up with their cousins at the indoor playground for a morning of fun!  Daddy even took them to McDonalds for lunch after where they played at that playground too!

We got to use my free birthday certificate at Benihana's to enjoy a lunch on them!  It was so yummy and the kids always enjoy the show!

Marissa also got her try at Ice Skating with her daddy yesterday.  She did fantastic and is a natural skater! 

While watching the big Vikings game on Sunday, I tried to keep the kids occupied.  So we played some games and then we spent time styling "Calissa's" hair.  Then after bath, Brody thought it was his turn to get his hair styled, so he sat down in the doll chair and let his sister put all sorts of girly things in his hair.  Then he said, "I feel handsome."  He is so funny! 

So to end this post, here's a few more random pictures from the week!  Back to reality tomorrow in so many ways!  It's been a fun week and we are blessed to have time together!

Movie night with their sleeping bags!

Lift me up, Daddy!

Matching PJ' of her favorite gifts!

NYE Date Night!

Super-boy sporting his new PJ's