Monday, May 27, 2013

11th Wedding Anniversary Weekend!

We are coming to the close of an awesome "staycation" weekend to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary.  The kids had an awesome time at the cabin with Grandpa and Grandma and we were able to have a kid-free weekend!

Warning:  You will see lots of self photos since we had no one with us to take pictures for us :)  They aren't the best quality but at least we will remember what we did!

Our weekend began on Friday around noon, we headed to Elk River to try a new to us wood-fire pizza restuarant!  It was very yummy and we will be going back soon!!!

We then decided to take a trip down memory lane and head to the church we got married in.  We took a quick picture in front of the church and did a little reminicing!


We then headed to the tennis courts to get some uninterrupted games in!  We usually have the kids with us when we play so it was fun to be able to actually get a game played!  A favorite past time of ours!!!

Next, we headed downtown Anoka for some good old fashioned ice cream at Two Scoops.  A chance to sit outside and do a little people watching while enjoying our treat....fabulous!

We headed home to change and get ready for our night out!  We went to a new movie theatre that has nice leather seats and tables that you can order food while watching the movie! Ooh la fancy!  We then had dinner at Rojo Mexican Grill after the movie.  I can't think of the last time we went to dinner at 10:00!  There is actually life happening past 7:00 PM...who would have thought it?  I guess we are just too busy being parents to realize it!  HA HA!

Saturday morning, we enjoyed sleeping in until WE woke up and no one was here to wake us!  It is really the little things in life that make us the most happy!  We did a little shopping then headed to the Roseville area to do a little more reminicing.  We went to Northwestern College....the place where it all began 15 years ago....lots of weddings happening but we were able to dodge the bride & groom and walk around campus enjoying the memories of all the awesome, sweet times we had there. 

We headed downtown to the Stone Arch Bridge area.  We did lots of exploring in that area before heading to the hotel to check-in.  We decided to stay downtown Saturday night for a little getaway.  We did some shopping, walking around, eating, enjoying the atmosphere of downtown and it was just the perfect getaway!  It's amazing what an uninterrupted conversation can do for your marriage!  You can actually talk a whole sentence!  Again, it's the little things in life!!!

Sunday morning, we headed over to Uptown to have breakfast.  The waiter insisted we try the giant donut so we caved.  It was delicious but seriously HUGE!

We couldn't leave the area without a little shopping!  Tony was ever so patient with me!  We drove over to Wisconsin to have lunch at Vino in the Valley.  It was absolutely beautiful and delicious Italian food.  Thanks to Living Social for the great deal on this awesome venue!

We got home late afternoon and after taking a nap, we decided to head out for a late dinner.  We enjoyed our weekend so much and I know the kids did too!  They came home exhuasted and both of them were asleep at 7:30PM tonight.  Lots of memories were made by all!  Thanks to Grandpa who sent some pics he took of the kids fishing this weekend!

I have a couple more photos from the zoo last week that Tony chaperoned to add at the end of this long post!  Thanks for sticking with me!
Marissa's Kindergarten Class

Marissa and her friends with their teacher!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another May is flying by......

What makes the month of May fly by even faster than normal?  Jam pack it with activities and then get so sick you can't get out of bed for 2 weeks!  YIKES!  It has been a rough month but we have made it through! 

Mother's Day was made special by my two wonderful kids!  Breakfast in bed, flowers, a trip to the 2 parks, some yummy food!  Thanks goes to my family for making my day!

We've been playing outside A LOT!  Enjoying the slip-n-slide, eating lots of popsicles, playing lots of baseball, bike rides, park time and of course soccer!

We had a visit from my brother, Cam and his family last weekend!  The kids enjoyed being together so much!  It's fun to see them love on each other.  Marissa spent the night at Grammy's where her & Lukas had a sleepover.  They are such great buddies.  Apparently, Brody only wanted me so he came home instead of doing the sleepover but it was a success!  We shopped, played at the park, went on a nice long walk, went downtown Minneapolis to Fogo de Chao for a birthday dinner for my brother, Como Zoo and Como Town and then lunch at Snuffy's.  A very full weekend! 

Today, Marissa & Tony are off to Como Zoo for her field trip with her Kindergarten class!  She was so excited this morning.  Too bad it's raining or it would have been a nice day to go!  She only has 4 more days of school!  CRAZY!  We are looking forward to spending some time away from the kids this weekend celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dance Recital & More.....

Well the last two weeks have been sort of a blur as I've been super sick and only out of bed long enough to do the things I absolutely "have" to do.  Marissa finished up her dance year with the recital last weekend.  She did a great job and I know she has a super fun year!

Marissa also finished up her Awana year with a Carnival and awards ceremony last Tuesday.  She worked very hard this year and I'm proud of her learning all those verses!!! 

We've been enjoying almost every meal on the deck now that it finally warmed up!  We even squeezed in a car wash, chinese checker games and trips to the park!  Marissa started soccer last week too so the schedule just never slows down!!!  I am hoping to make it to the land of the living this week!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dance Awards

Congrats to Marissa for finishing her 3rd year of dance!  She received her medal on Monday night.  Now tomorrow night is final rehearsal & the big dance picture of all the students at the studio.  Then recital time Saturday and Sunday!  Big weekend ahead!