Monday, July 15, 2013

Brody's 3rd Birthday!

We have a big THREE year old boy in our house now!  Happy Birthday to the best son I could ever ask for.  I love you so much and you are the perfect piece of family puzzle!  We are lucky to be blessed with you!

Saturday we celebrated with a family party at the park followed up with a trip to Bunker Beach.  It was fun to have the whole family there with us!  Sunday, we went to the Imagination Movers Concert for my nephew, Lukas's birthday.  A very busy weekend is over and I have two tired kids to show for it! 

We headed to the doctor today and here is Brody's 3-year stats:

Weight:  32 pounds (54th percentile)
Height:  37 inches (32nd percentile)

He is still our little guy but he is growing perfectly and I never take for granted the "you have a healthy kid" report!  BLESSED!

Here's some pics from our weekend of celebrating!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Duluth Getaway!

We just arrived home from our Duluth Getaway!  We spent 4 nights in Duluth and it was just a fabulous time filled with lots of memories made with the kiddos!  I apologize in advance for all the pictures that will be on this blog! 

Wednesday we headed up North with lots of stops along the way (some planned and some not so planned).  A tradition of stopping at Tobie's for breakfast and we managed to still make it up to Duluth by 11:30AM.  We got checked into our hotel and headed down the Lakewalk to do some sightseeing, naps, shopping, park playtime, lots of good food, relaxing on the balcony made a full first day! 

Thursday, the 4th of July was jam packed of fun!  Parade, Lunch at the old-fashioned A & W, mini-golf, naps, more shopping, swimming, Surrey-biking, dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and sparklers & fireworks to end the night!

Friday, we started off the day touring the William Irvin Cargo boat that is docked in Duluth.  Everyone really enjoyed this excursion!  Then we headed to the beach for a picnic, swimming and sand castle building.  We went on the pizza train for dinner which is another big hit for the kids and we ended the night with some Coldstone ice cream!  A busy full day!

Saturday, we did a mini-photo shoot with the kids, hit up the downtown candy store, headed to the zoo, did lots of swimming, played at the rock beach, rode the trolley, had a yummy dinner at Little Angie's and did some more swimming before bed.  A truly awesome day!  So thankful for a mini-vacation to spend some quality time together!  Happy 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Soccer Jamboree!

We had another busy week last week with the end of soccer.  We also were able to squeeze in several visits to the pool, a trip to Lake George, a visit to Brody's favorite train park, Blaine's Blazing Days Monster Truck show and Marissa's Soccer Jamboree, tennis with Daddy and an Andover Huskies baseball game!  Another fun week ahead is planned!  Happy early 4th of July to all my loyal readers!

Loving the beach at Lake George!

This one melts my heart.  This is how they walked off the field at their last game.  Totally unprompted.  Such an awesome friendship and love for each other.  SO fun to be teammates this summer!

These are two trouble makers...can you tell?

An action shot from the Soccer Jamboree

Thankful for a daddy who coaches her sports!

Collage of pictures from the Jamboree!

4 best friends!

Monster Truck....Brody's favorite until they turned them on to drive....then not a fan!

Picture with daddy!

Train park morning!

The FAB FOUR at Bunker Beach

A look back at the last 3 years...TOP photo is 2011, Middle is 2012, and Bottom photo is 2013.  Can you see the changes?