Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We are counting down to our closing date!  7 more days!  Yesterday we spent hours with our construction superintendent going through the house with very fine detail making sure everything looks perfect.  We are going to have to get packing up our rental soon! 

Brody started Flag Football last weekend.  He looked so grown up!  It will be fun to see how his team plays this season! 

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the beach.  There is nothing like living right next to the ocean.  It's absolutely a dream come true!

We look forward to our new adventure!  Stay tuned!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Florida life!

So apparently I've been neglecting my blog recently.  It's hard to keep up with life right now and I can't wait until we move into our house and life goes back to normal again! 

We are loving our new Florida life.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous.  I still love how when we leave at 7:30AM it's still 83 degrees.  Then by the time the afternoon rolls around it's in the 90's everyday!  No sweatshirt weather here! 

MARISSA:  She started school on August 10th.  I can't believe she just finished 5 weeks of school already.  She has been loving her new school.  She has lots of new friends already and although they do things differently in this school, I think she is finding her stride and will excel through 3rd grade.  Her teacher assigns actual grades to everything so that is motivating for her to make sure she is doing well.  Trading Pokeman cards is a HUGE thing at this school so she has been loving collecting and trading with all her friends.  They get Spanish class in a rotation of the "special" classes like media, technology, PE, music, etc.  I am hoping it gives her a good base for more Spanish classes in her future.  I think she is very ready to get her own room back and all her toys.  It's been hard to transistion without most of your stuff. 

BRODY:  He started school on September 2nd at Kingdom Kids Preschool.  It goes everyday from 9:10am-1:15pm.  He eats lunch at school now so he is really is becoming a big boy this year!  He has made a new best friend named Hayden.  He has been learning so much already and he has such a sweet teacher, Mrs. Forbes.  On Fridays, he goes to soccer after school so he has been so excited about that.  Tomorrow, he starts Flag Football and we are all ready to watch him dominate at his games! 

We have been doing so much swimming at the pool and heading to the beach often too.  If you sit out on our deck at night, you can hear the sounds of the ocean and it is amazing!  I still can't believe we live here!