Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brody's 1st Tooth Fairy Visit!

We've had a busy few weeks so now it's time to catch up on the blog!  Brody lost his first tooth last week!  He did a great job wiggling it until it was almost out and then I came in and did one little push and it was out!  He was so happy to have the tooth fairy visit!  Luckily for his birthday last year his BFF Kolden gave him a tooth fairy pillow!  I'm sure he will put it to great use in the next few years!  He instantly looks older with a missing tooth!  The adult tooth is already through the gum so it was definitely time!

My Aunt Anita and her friend Sonjia came to stay with us for a week and escape from the cold weather in Iowa.  It was fun to catch up with them and show them around our new digs!  They took us out for ice cream at our new favorite ice cream shoppe on the last night before they flew home!  We had lots of fun and even learned a few new games!  Can't wait until they come again!

Last weekend we kept on the go!  It really started Thursday night with a trip to the park with our neighbors and then we headed to school to see Marissa's project in the science fair.  Friday night, my husband the grillmaster, grilled us a very yummy dinner which was followed by a glow stick party aka gymnastics with the glow sticks on.  The kids love playing in the back yard and doing gymnastics and it has really warmed up this week into the 80's again.  We of course LOVE the warmth!  Saturday we spent at the Jacksonville Zoo.  Tony's family had gifted us admission for Christmas.  It was so fun to see all the different animals they had and lots of interactive opportunities as well. 

Sunday after church we went to the beach as we just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  After we forced ourselves to leave we tried a new seafood restaurant that had just opened on the intercoastal waterway.  Super yummy!  Can't wait to try it again!

Brody's baseball started tonight so I'm anxiously awaiting to hear how it went!  We also got our fence installed today so we are super excited about that!  It's the little things that get done around here that are the exciting things in our lives.  HA!  We are counting down the days until Grandpa and Grandma arrive over Spring Break!  Well that's about it for us!  Until next time....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Where did the month of January go?

I just realized that I haven't made a post in a month!  I guess life has been keeping me busy!  This is the first year I have ever had a fast moving January.  Usually it creeps by but not this year.  It's amazing how being able to enjoy the outdoors every day of the year is such a mood shaper.  The kids love playing with all the neighborhood.  Both kids have been going to birthday parties and Marissa has been loving all the sleepovers with friends she is getting to do!  Our next door neighbor, Amber took the girls and friends to a movie before their sleepover.  We've just been enjoying life.  Nothing too major going on just taking the time to enjoy this lifestyle.  I know I say it all the time but I just love our new home, neighborhood, school and church.  We are so amazingly blessed!  Here is a few pictures that our neighbor sent me of the kids over at her house playing.  These cracked me up so I thought I would post them. 

Playing Nerf games at our neighbors house!

Marissa and Laney using their imaginations.  Marissa spends loads of time next door playing with the girls!

Marissa with her friends at the movies!

We are going to be hosting some guests over the next month and we are excited that our families are coming down to enjoy our new home too!

I guess I don't really have much of an update except to say that we are settling in nicely and enjoying the new life we are blessed with! 

Tony being the grillmaster with his new grill!

We try to escape to the beach as often as possible!

Exploring a new (to us) beach in St. Augustine!

Loving our new patio furniture!  We spent A LOT of time out here!