Friday, April 22, 2016

April Catch Up Post!

Life has just been going by so quick that I haven't taken the time to post new pictures on my blog!  We've been keeping busy running to either baseball or soccer practice each night along with games on Saturdays.  Every night is something so it definitely makes days go by fast!  Last weekend Marissa had a birthday party/slumber party on Friday night so Brody got to choose a date night with Mom and Dad alone.  He picked mini golf and dinner!  We had such a fun time with him and it definitely is rare that the 3 of us to do something alone!

We always squeeze in a walk each night after dinner and the weather is so beautiful that it's hard not to be outside 24/7.  There is always time in the week to head to the pool or the beach to enjoy the Florida lifestyle!  We always feel so blessed and thankful to be living this life!

Big weekend ahead with Tony's birthday celebration!  Stay tuned!

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