Sunday, March 13, 2011

8 months old!!!

Brody turned 8 months old today!  This month has flown by!  Here's what Brody is up to at 8 months old!

*Wearing 9-12 Month Clothes

*Wearing Size 3 Huggies

* Trying SO HARD to crawl!!!  He gets up on all four's and scoots backwards!

*Brody LOVES to eat!  He eats oatmeal & fruit for breakfast.  Veggies & fruit for lunch.  Oatmeal & Fruit   for dinner plus 4 bottles a day!

* He loves bath time with his big sister! 
* He pulls on everything especially hair!  You can't put anything in front of him without it being taken!

* He still ADORES big sissy!
* He has been experiencing some "tough" love from us during the night and we are no longer picking him up in the night.  This has finally got him sleeping much better after a few tough nights.  He has been sleeping pretty well the last 2 weeks!  I hope it keeps up!

* He naps from 9-10 every morning and sleeps from 1-3 every afternoon!
* He has been trying finger food and LOVING it!

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