Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 months and 5 days.....

Brody's 10 month birthday came and went and I forgot to blog his update!  He has plagued with ear infections since February so it's been a long 3 months.  He has been on non-stop antibiotics and now is finally schedule for PE Tube Surgery on June 7th!  I can't wait for him to get these tubes so he will start to feel better!  He is otherwise a happy boy but having all that fluid in your ears would irritate anyone!  I am a little nervous to have him put "under" but I am hoping the results will be worth it! 

We are already thinking about his 1st birthday party on July 9th!  Mark your calendars!  We are going to be doing lots of celebrating that we all survived this first year!  HA!  I am happy to report that he is sleeping all the way through the night consistently now!  WOW!  That is such a huge change to life to actually get sleep!  Proud of my little boy!  I'll keep you all posted on the outcome of his surgery!

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