Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our week!

This week we were blessed with beautiful spring type weather and we took full advantage of it.  I got to run outside a few times.  Brody got to go to the park each day and even have a long playdate with his BFF Kolden.  We got to squeeze in a fun brunch and a trip to the Mall of America yesterday along with a birthday party for Uncle John.  The weekend is quickly wrapping up and we are ready to start a very busy week ahead!

Brody sporting his new haircut!

FINALLY able to be at the park!

Picnic, Playtime and Bike Riding at the park with Kolden

These two can run and race forever!

Another beautiful day!

4family Saturday brunch!

These two are wrestle buddies....Brody may love to be rough and wrestle with Daddy but he is sweet to his mama!

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