Monday, November 10, 2014

First Snowfall of the Season!

Well today is our first snowfall of the winter season!  It is pretty and white right now but it sure is NO fun to drive in or shovel.  I'll post some pics I took of the kids playing in it after I update you all on our weekend fun. 

The kids loved helping daddy make leaf piles to jump in.  Apparently raking leaves was not as fun!

One thing that I still cherish is the one on one time with my kids!  Brody and I still go on little dates while everyone else is busy.  On Thursday, we went to Caribou.  We sat and sipped on our hot drinks and talked about life.  I'll always remember these times.

Thursday night Brody woke up at 1:00AM throwing up in his bed.  Oh such joys of parenthood.  Why is it that kids get sick in the middle of the night?  So we were up all night with him.  Tony stayed home on Friday with me and we spent the entire day just resting.  I never got out of my pj's the whole day.  Brody seemed completely fine right away so I don't know if he just ate too much chili at dinner or what but it was a much needed day of rest! 

Saturday was a super busy day.  We started the day off at the Mall of America.  Marissa's doll, Calissa got a spa day at the American Girl store.  She got her ears pierced and her hair done.  It's so fun to have a little girl to do girly stuff with!  We then did some major Christmas shopping and got a lot accomplished!  Tony took the kids to see the new Disney Movie and I got some more shopping done.  It was a win/win!  Marissa found her friend Maiya at the movie so she was super excited about that!

Sunday, we went exploring Minneapolis and found a fun brunch spot.  One thing I love doing is Sunday brunch each weekend with the family.  Whether it's at home, which most of the time it is or at a restaurant, it's still such a great bonding time for us!

Which brings us to today!  Snow snow snow!  It's fun to watch the kids play!

Last weekend my brother and fam came to town so we could celebrate my nephew, Myles 1st Birthday!  Here's some pics I took!

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