Monday, August 3, 2015

Goodbye Minnesota, Hello Florida!

Our life has been crazy the last few weeks as we packed up our home in Andover and moved to Florida.  Marissa was in a play at Lord of Life Church called "The Agape League."  She did such a great job and we were proud parents.  After that we had many goodbyes to say that week and Tony took off to drive to Florida.  The kids and I stayed behind and had one more weekend at the cabin.  Then we flew down to Florida!  We've been settling in our temporary home while our new house is being finished.  This home is right on the golf course so we've been enjoying watching the golfers.  The beach is very close by and we've been enjoying going swimming in the pool every day.  This is Marissa's last week of summer vacation so we are trying to enjoy each day! 

Marissa singing her solo!

Moving Trailer is packed!

One last swim at the cabin!

Saying Goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma

Saying Goodbye to the Holgrimson cousins!

Enjoying our swimming pool!

Boogie boarding at the beach!

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