Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Season has arrived!

We've been keeping busy trying to get all the festive activities in.  We are in the midst of Christmas programs, parties and concerts!  The Christmas season is truly the most fun time of year.  It's been so fun decorating our new home and enjoying all the new events in our neighborhood.  Last weekend after Tony got back from New York, we went to a local church who was sponsering a Live Nativity and the City of Bethlehem.  We all really enjoyed it and there was lots of interactive activities and animals to pet.  After that, we stopped by our neighborhood local park where they have a synchronized music with the lights.  That was amazing!  Our local neighborhood we have renamed the Christmas Village.  Our neighbors have really given Chevy Chase's Christmas a run for his money.  It's amazing!  This week we've had so much going on at the kids schools but it sure makes it fun!

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