Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Catch Up!

We have been so busy enjoying the fall weather and activities that the blog has been neglected.  It's time to catch up.  Rewinding back to late October, Brody got to go on his first field trip which also included his first bus ride.  The class went to a local pumpkin patch.  It was so hot out that it didn't feel very fall like but regardless they had a great time.  Brody was lucky to have his Dad join him as a chaperone!

Halloween in our neighborhood is as big as Christmas!  We put up lights, inflatables and decorations! It really does make it super fun!  So many kids in the cutest costumes.  Candy overload and sugared out kids are par for the course!  This year Brody was a knight and Marissa was her favorite character from the show EverAfter High.

At the last minute, we did a weekend getaway to Cocoa Beach.  We spent a Saturday at the Kennedy Space Center.  I hadn't been there since high school.  The kids really loved it and it was a very interesting place.

Brody finished up his soccer season mid November.  He really enjoyed playing soccer this year and I'm sure it's going to be in his list of favorite sports!

We still make it over to the beach once in awhile.  We should make it much more often considering how close we live to it.  This time of year the water is too cold to swim in but we still enjoy making sand castles and listening to the waves.

The kids had a Veterans Day Program at school.  Marissa's class sang a few songs in it.  Brody's class also did some fun activities in school.  The teacher sent me this picture.  Such cute kiddos!

Brody had a Kindergarten Thanksgiving Performance at school.  It was so cute watching all the kindergartners sing and say poems.  I wish we could keep them little forever!

Night of Lights in St. Augustine is one of the most favorite things to do in our area during the holiday season.  It just seems so magical with the entire city lit up!  This year we decided to go to the lighting ceremony.  It was so beautiful!

This year for Thanksgiving we rented a beach condo in  Panama City Beach.  The view was beautiful and the weather was perfect at 85 degrees.  We loved it so much!  It might become our new tradition!

That brings us up to date!  Marissa's birthday is this weekend and we lots of things going on in the next month!  I hope to keep this much more updated!

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