Monday, May 25, 2009

7th Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary! May 25, 2002 seems like such a lifetime ago! How life has changed since then! We were trying to rack our brains to figure out what we have done on each of our anniversaries and we barely can remember! This is how old we are getting! Here's our list: (I'm mainly blogging about this so we can remember :) )

-May 25, 2002: Wedding day and honeymooned in the Bahamas
-May 25, 2003: Las Vegas
-May 25, 2004: We were in Iowa celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.
Don't feel too bad for us, we were just back from St. Lucia :)
-May 25, 2005: Taylors Falls, MN....a special place in our dating life...first date was there!
-May 25, 2006: Catalina Island, California....I was pregnant with Marissa during this year :)
-May 25, 2007: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
-May 25, 2008: Westmooreland, Jamaica
-May 25, 2009: Taylors Falls, MN with our special girl!

Ok, so this year wasn't as good as being Jamaica having a candlelight dinner on the beach but remember we just got back from Mexico! We've been lucky to celebrate our special day in style! This year as you know we painted all day on Saturday. Then Sunday, we were able to take a night away thanks to Grandma Karen babysitting and enjoy lots of good food and conversation just the two of us! Then we went to Taylors Falls today with Marissa! It was a great time! Here's some pics from our weekend!!

This was a self-portrait right before we left for dinner and then we camera batteries died :)

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