Sunday, April 18, 2010

The date is set!

While on vacation, I got a message from the nurse at the OB/GYN's office saying that I'm on the schedule at Maple Grove Hospital for July 13th at 8:00AM. SO, we have about 86 days left! If this pregnancy goes the same way as my pregnancy with Marissa, I'll definitely make it to July 13th however the doctor is quick to remind me that my body just may want to have this baby earlier so we can't always plan this exactly. SO, we will see but at least I have an ending date!

This pregnancy has been so different in many ways but I feel like baby boy is SO low. Marissa was always so high and into my ribs and I feel like this baby is completely opposite.

I did get the results back from my vitamin D test and it came back low. So now I'm taking another pill 3 times a day!

I head back to the doctor on April 30th for a check-up so we'll see how things are going then!

Hanging in there and anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little boy!!

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  1. Can't wait till he arrives and we can see pictures of the little guy.