Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing tooth....

Well, we had our first real tragedy happen on Wednesday.  I had walked upstairs to Brody's room to rock him to sleep.  After a few minutes, I heard Marissa screaming like I've never heard before.  I ran downstairs with Brody in my arms and all I saw was blood.  Blood pouring out of her mouth, blood on her bed & floor and I had no idea what happened.  I set Brody down quick and looked in her mouth and I saw her front tooth was missing.  My heart just stopped and the adrenaline kicked in.  I tried asking her what happened but she couldn't stop screaming.  Then Brody starts crying because he is scared too.  She is holding "blankie" in her mouth so I went and got a towel quick for her.  I asked her again, "What happened?"  She just pointed at the curtain. 

Now to back up to earlier in the day, I always do the same thing in the morning.  I always open the blinds behind the couch and tuck in the cords so she can't see them and play with them.  She has been known to play with the cords so I figured if I tucked them in she wouldn't.  Well, now it was untucked and hanging down.  So I quickly put it together.  She had pulled out her tooth by getting it stuck on the cord.  I quickly called the dentist office.  After 3 rings, I get the voicemail.  We are closed!  Of course, the one day I need them, they are closed.  They leave an emergency number to call.  Luckily, that number rang right to the Dentist's cell phone.  I explained what had happened and she said she would meet me at the office immediately.  Marissa is still screaming & I am crying and in panic mood.  I can't believe this just happened. 

I quickly get Brody in his car seat & carry Marissa to the car.  I am completely frazzled and I have no idea how I drove to the dentist.  Oh and I also called my mom to come right away.  I call her and say, " I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW, GET IN THE CAR AND CALL MY CELL PHONE."  I just needed her.  I didn't know how long we would be at the dentist but I'm thinking that I couldn't really take care of Brody & be with Marissa.  I of course called Tony and told him what happened and to meet us at the dentist. 

The dentist took some X-Rays to make sure it didn't hurt the permanent tooth and sent her home.  She is now without her front tooth and will be for several years.  I know something worse could have happened but it still feels surreal and I can't believe it.

She told me the next day exactly what happened.  She was flossing her tooth with the cord of the curtain and got stuck.  So she tried pulling it off and kept pulling and pulled her tooth right out.  Now everyone I know gets Novocaine for such a thing.  Not her, she literally just pulled her tooth right out.  OUCH!  Just thinking about it makes me cringe.  I have to give her credit for wanting to floss her teeth but we've reviewed this is not the correct way to floss teeth :)

Oh, and my mom did find the tooth in the couch cushions!  Poor girl!  I'll try to post a picture soon but she hasn't been willing to take a picture of it yet.  :)  I have to admit it makes her look older since you see a lot of 6 year olds with missing teeth!!! 

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  1. Oh Keia! What a hard day! They sure can do some amazing things, can't they? I never imagined having to yell out the front door to not drink puddle water from out of the bike tire pump. I guess we should add not flossing with curtain cords to that 'strange things' list too!