Monday, September 26, 2011

Women Run The Cities 10-Mile Race!

Yesterday, I participated in the Women Run The Cities 10-mile race in Minneapolis.  I was somewhat dreading this race just because it was such a long distance and I am SO SO SO glad it's over now!  I couldn't wait to see that finish line.  My legs were so tired but more than that, mentally I was just ready to be done running.  I am so sore today which hasn't happened in like a year so I guess it must have been a real challenge for my legs.....more than what I was expecting!  Here's a few pics we took from race day!

Pre-race with Betsy

Marissa & I pre-race (notice how she is being water-belt girl)

FINISHED!  Sporting our medals and feeling glad that it was over!

Moms On The Run group participants!

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