Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon!

I just got back last night from San Francisco so I don't have my picture downloaded yet but I just had to blog about the race quick!  We had an awesome, amazing, unforgettable weekend!  I loved every moment of San Fran and can't wait to go back!  The race was SO hard and I had to continue to push myself with everything I had to finish it.  I totally underestimated the hills we would be running.  My knee started hurting 20 minutes into the run and so I ran with extreme pain for 11 miles.  There was nothing like seeing that FINISH LINE!  WOOHOO!  The Tiffany necklace is beautiful and I'm SO glad this is finished!  Here's just a few pics to start with and I'll share more once I get them downloaded and organized!  13.1 miles is no small feat for this girl but I'm so glad that I did it and accomplished another goal!  I could NOT have done it without my running partner, Betsy sticking with me the whole way and crossing the finish line together!

Nike Women's Marathon Expo in Union Square

Running with 23,000 people.....pure CHAOS!

Betsy, Amelia & me at the start line before the race!

Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge

Amelia, Keia & Betsy at the bridge!

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  1. Way to go! You've been such an inspiration to me with your running, Keia!