Friday, December 2, 2011

December: Let the chaos begin!

Ok, 2nd post of the day!  Now that we are through Thanksgiving, we now have moved on to the busiest month of the year!  We are going to celebrating Marissa's 5th birthday this weekend and I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to share with you next week!  Yesterday, we went out with Marissa's BFF Emma and of course Betsy & Kolden for a birthday lunch.  Here's a couple pics that we took in between all the screaming!

Group Picture
 Marissa got to celebrate at school today!  She brought in birthday cookies and got to be the "leader."  The teachers gave her a Fancy Nancy book as a present and everyone sang, "Happy Birthday" to her!  She sounds like she had a great time! 

Now for a WAY overdue Brody update!  He is getting so OLD already!  He is SUCH a happy boy!  The fact that he will be 17 months in a week or so just seems unreal!  He is into EVERYTHING but he is getting to such a fun age!  He has been shaking his yes or no when you ask him a question for a few months now but his latest thing is to actually say NO when he means it.  It's quite adorable if you ask me.  He has so many words, I think I counted 30 the other day of ones he knows.  His latest is "Happy".  He runs around saying Happy Happy all day long.  When you ask him if he is Happy....he always says YES! 

He STILL loves being with his sister and doing everything she is doing!  He is such a joy and we love our little boy!

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