Monday, January 16, 2012

January Update!

So it's already the middle of January which is crazy!  Usually January drags on but not this year!  We have been keeping super busy so far!  Brody turned 18 months last week so today I brought him to the doctor for his check-up!  Here were his stats!

Height:  32 inches (42nd percentile)
Weight:  25 pounds 7 oz  (44th percentile)
Head Circumference:  18.19"  (12th percentile)  HA! 

He is not a HUGE little boy!  Doctor said his Height to Weight ratio was in the 72nd percentile so he looked perfect!  The other good news is that his tubes look perfect and he hasn't had an ear infection is 7 months! 

I just looked back to see what Marissa was and she was exactly the same weight:  25 pounds and 32 inches at her 15-month check-up!  HA!  So Brody is running 3 months behind his sister!


The other part of this post will be my catch up post!    We've been keeping busy doing the little things in life:  Cubbies, School, Church, the gym, and errands....all the blah things!  Once in awhile though we get out to do something fun!   Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks!

On Saturday, Marissa got to go on a Daddy-Daughter date to the movies.  She had seen a commercial for Tangled "Ever After" which is a 5-minute mini-movie and she REALLY wanted to see it.  So it was playing before Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  So they went to that hence the glasses......

Best Buddies!

Later that day, Marissa was still wearing her "souveneir" glasses so Brody wanted a pair too.  He had settle for his big sister's heart glasses :)

Loving the glasses!

Last Monday, we enjoyed an unusually warm day so I took the kids for a long afternoon walk!  It was 50 degrees and beautiful!  Marissa ran literally 2 miles.  She says she wants to try some kid races this year when I run my races so I think we will get her signed up!  We came back home and swept out the garage, rode bikes, Marissa made a hopscotch on the sidewalk with the her chalk and Brody loved exploring the backyard!  It was a wonderful day!

Loving the warm weather!  Look who had to bring his ball with!

Marissa came downstairs the other day all dressed up with everything in her hair drawer.  She had like 6 things in her hair.  It was so funny that I couldn't help but snap a picture :)

All Dressed Up~

So that's our little catch up for now!  Hope everyone is enjoying this snowless winter!  I know I am!  However, it's supposed to snow tonight!  YUCK!  I'm sure Marissa will want to sled immediately!!!  Guess I see that in my future tomorrow!

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