Saturday, April 7, 2012

Running Opener & Update!

I haven't posted for almost a month already!  We've been keeping busy with our normal routine!  The weeks just fly by so quick!  We have been busy preparing for Easter.  Marissa got to go to her friend, Emma's Easter party last weekend.  Yesterday, she colored Easter eggs with her cousins and now tomorrow she is looking forward to spending the time with her cousins! 

Today, we ran in our first race of the season!  It was a successful race and I shaved 7 minutes off my time from last year.  After the race, we went to John's 30th birthday celebration! 

This week starts soccer meetings and father/daughter dance practice along with an AWANA lock-in and everything else in our normal schedule.  The next 6 weeks are CRAZY around here!  We have 44 days left until we leave on vacation and every day is stocked FULL of activities!  Happy Easter to everyone!

Here's a few pics I took from the last week!

I found Brody wearing Tony's slippers yesterday morning.....he was so proud!

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