Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Fun Day Take 2!

Yesterday, we had Family Fun Day Take 2!  It started off with a trip to the ever beloved Como Zoo for Brody's 1st real trip to the zoo.  He went there last year too but this year was a completely different experience with him!  He kept calling everything puppies and he loved looking at all the animals!  We then headed for a nice bike ride around Lake Como.  It was an awesome day to spend outside! 

We already are enjoying the ability to be eating on our deck!  The kids spent lots of time playing in the sandbox, riding bikes, going for walks, playing at the park and just enjoying this beautiful weather!  We had an amazing weekend of family time!  Marissa even started crying when she was thinking about daddy going back to work tomorrow!  SO SAD!  School is back in session tomorrow and back to reality!

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