Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An "Icy" Weekend!

We had a fun weekend and so now it's time to catch the blog up!  Friday night, my mom and I made a last minute plan to go get pedicures and do a little Trader Joes shopping.  It was exactly what I needed after a stressful week! 

Saturday morning, Marissa & I got ready for our "girls day out" with Betsy & Emma for Disney On Ice!  Marissa absolutely LOVED the Tangled portion of the show.  It had lots of stunts with "Flynn & Rapunzel" which made the show even better for the girls.  It was fun to get to spend some time with just my little girl and it came back to me what life used to be like just the two of us :)  Here's a few pics from the performance!

Betsy, Emma, Marissa & Me!

The Girls!

Meanwhile, Tony & Brody were having a "boys" day of their own!  It was a good opportunity for Tony to do some father/son bonding with Brody!  He took Brody to the Car Museum since B is obsessed with cars!  He said B just kept screaming, CAR CAR CAR and LOVED seeing all of them.  Here's a few pics!

Car Museum
Next stop was at Cabela's for a little window shopping.  Brody loves seeing all the fish and animals throughout the store.  They finished up with a little Culver's lunch and no outing is complete without a little ice cream!

Tony & I got a date night on Saturday where we went to a yummy restaurant in Uptown, did a little shopping and then went ice skating at the Depot in Minneapolis.  I was very nervous trying to ice skate again but it came back to me pretty quick and neither of us fell down even ONCE.  Yahoo!  It was such a fun time and we are definintely going to have to do it again!

On Sunday, Marissa got to spend some daddy/daughter time!  They spent a few hours sledding for the first time all winter!  I heard Marissa did an awesome job all by herself going down the hill and walking back up and repeat!  Here's some pics of their afternoon!

What a fun weekend!  Marissa has school tomorrow and then she is on spring break for 10 days!  Yikes!  It could be a long week around here!  We are having my brother and family come into town this weekend and we are celebrating our niece, Meghan's bday on Sunday too so it will be another busy weekend! 

I'll leave you with one pic I took on Thursday from Dance Picture Night!  Father/Daughter dance is going to be so fun!

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