Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where has this month gone?

All of a sudden, half of a month flew by without me blogging!  I guess that means we've been keeping busy!  Each day seems busy with our everyday activities and I haven't stopped to write any of it down! 

Marissa has been enjoying dance so much this year.  Her class is really fun to watch and they all trying so hard!  It was "video camera" night last week so I got to catch some video of the first dance they will perform at the recital!  She is also enjoying her Tuesday nights at Awana Sparks.  It's definitely more challenging this year with longer verses and more to learn but I'm super proud of how well she is doing.  She works on saying 3 verses each night of club so that she can make it through the whole book at the end of the year!  Marissa has also been busy with lots of homework.  She is practicing hard on her sight words for this trimester and her test is tomorrow.  I've been working daily with her on this.  Who knew that once your child goes to school this means Mom gets homework too!  I thought I had graduated already?????

We are busy planning her 6th Birthday party which is just a few short weeks away!  How is it possible that I'm old enough to have a 6-year old?  HA!  Total sidetrack moment:  Marissa said this morning that we are kinda like sisters and I said well I am young enough to be your sister, right?  She's like, "Huh?"  Ok, never mind!  Oh and the other day she told me I looked young and Daddy looked old so I think she really has this kissing up thing down to a science right before her bday and Christmas!

 I just happened to come across her 1-year old pictures today.  I can sort of see my big girl in this pic......can you? 

Oh, and she got her school pictures back a few weeks ago.  I went to put it in frame and found these two pictures from the previous years so I set them side by side to compare.  She is growing up QUICK!

So, the weather has turned COLD already so we've been trying to channel the summer feeling by having picnics in our living room for lunch.  We've also had many movie nights in the living room with our sleeping bags!  Here's a couple cute pics I caught in the process!

The last few weekends have been busy!  Grammy called and wanted to take the kids out on a date night which in turn means we got a date night too.  We have been craving sushi since we got back from vacation so we headed downtown to what was rated the best sushi in town.  It did not disappoint!  The kids had a great night out with Grammy and so did we! 

We also got a trip to the Train Museum in with Grandpa & Grandma H.  The kids enjoyed all the trains and Brody really loved playing at the train tables! 

We also took the kids to the Cinema Cafe where you watch a movie and eat dinner at the same time!  Super fun place in the winter to spend an evening!  The kids did great and we enjoyed some yummy food too! 

We also helped Auntie Beth celebrate her bday, raked a thousand leaves, went swimming at the Y and started Christmas shopping!  We are excited for all the next 6 weeks is going to bring!  Let the chaos begin! 

Now I feel caught up again!  YAY!

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