Monday, October 5, 2015

Our New Home!

We officially are new homeowners as of September 23rd!  We LOVE our new home but it's definitely no fun to move and unpack boxes.  I hope to have a video tour posted in a few weeks once we have got all our new furniture and curtains hung up!  We've also been just settling in to a somewhat normal routine!  Marissa rides her bike to/from school since it's so close now.  That's been such a nice perk of living in our new neighborhood.  We tried out our new local waterpark that's part of our neighborhood.  It feels like we are in the Caribbean.  It is absolutely beautiful complete with a yummy restaurant.  It's really like being on vacation and I know we will enjoy it so much! 

The weather has been "cooler" the last few days and we are enjoying the break from the humidity but it's supposed to warm up again soon and we are so happy about that!  It definitely doesn't feel like October and that's hard to get used to!  It still feels like summertime so it's hard to stay focused on regular life! HA! 

Brody has the BEST teacher and I seriously can't believe all he has learned in just a few short weeks.  I feel so happy and confident that we made the right decision to have him do preschool again this year instead of Kindergarten. 

Well, I just wanted to post quick to let everyone know we are still alive and we are getting settled in!  Pictures coming soon!

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