Monday, November 2, 2015

Our 1st Florida Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Sunny Florida!  It's been in the 90's the last few days so it certainly doesn't feel like Fall!  We had such a fun weekend and it's a little hard to get on task today!  Our neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween.  I've never seen anything like it.  Every house is decorated and lots of fun Haunted Houses.  The kids played outside after trick or treating and the adults hung out.  It was so fun.  Some of the neighbors did a fireworks show for the kids.  We started out the weekend going to a crop maze and we went through the maze in the dark.  The kids loved it.  We did get lost but eventually we found our way out!  After all the Halloween fun on Saturday, we just had a low key Sunday afternoon at the pool.  Tony and I took turns napping in the chairs and the kids swam.  It was definitely the warmest November 1st we've ever experienced!  I'm sure one day the weather won't seem so strange and I won't talk about it on here but it's just so beautiful and we don't take it for granted!  Happy Halloween!

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