Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015!

I'm totally playing catch up after a long Christmas break!  Marissa had 18 days off from school.  I think she really enjoyed not having homework and had time just play and hang out.  This year's Christmas was so different because it was SO HOT!  It was muggy, humid and 85 degrees.

We spent some very good quality time together and it was much needed after a very crazy year.  We went to the movies to see the new Alvin movie.  Tony and I went to see Star Wars.  Marissa and I did lots of baking.  We watched Christmas movies and played scrabble.  The kids sang at the Christmas Eve service at church.  We went to the beach to make sand castles and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Tony got a new grill for Christmas so we took advantage of grilling out almost every day since he got it.  Marissa and I went on a long bike ride on Christmas night around the neighborhood to look at all the beautiful lights.  We went to the "Noon Years Eve" party at our community center.  The kids loved the balloon drop at noon.  It was so hot out that we went straight to the pool!  I imagine there won't be many New Years Eve so warm but we enjoyed it!  New Years Eve our neighborhood got together and had a potluck with fireworks!  The kids had fun playing late into the night and we got to meet some new neighbors too!  Our neighborhood also had a luminary night before Christmas and a Christmas lights parade with lots of golf carts and bikes all lit up!  Super fun!  We also took a trip to Orlando to visit my Dad and stepmom.  They have a pool in the back yard but the water was a little too cool to jump in!  We got to ride in my stepmom's convertible and tour their neighborhood.  Super fun to catch up with them!  Needless to say, we really enjoyed our time together and now it's back to reality this week!  I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break as much as I did!

Christmas Day 2015

Thank you Aunt Anita for the Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card!

Getting ready for the ball drop

Noon Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Fireworks

At the movies with her new American Girl, McKenna

Marissa's first convertible ride!

Girls bike ride!

Making my Grandma Manson's wreath!  Carrying on traditions!

Playing croquet in our backyard!

Swimming on New Years Eve!

Tony and I attended an awards ceremony for Marissa this morning.  She was nominated by her class and teacher for the character of pillar award of generosity.  We are proud parents!

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