Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another baby update......

Well this week called for two doctor visits: one on Monday for the bio-physical profile and Tuesday for me to see the doctor. Baby scored a 10/10 again on the test which is exactly what we want to be seeing. My blood pressure was high this week which was alarming to me. The doctor said he would adjust my meds next week if my blood pressure was still high. He gave me instructions to be laying down on my left side as much as possible and to really be taking it easy. HOWEVER, he didn't say I had to be on full bedrest which is a blessing. I go back next Tuesday to repeat again :)

We are officially less than 5 weeks away from our schedule C-Section date on July 13th! We are getting anxious & excited to meet our little man!!!


  1. Thanks for the updates - I'm glad your son seems to be content to remain inside a while yet, and I'm thinking of you. Hopefully you're feeling well, in spite of the high blood pressure? Take care of yourself!

  2. I hope that all continues to go well. Hang in there!