Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebrations!!!

This year we had many Christmas celebrations with family.  It started last Wednesday when we spent the day with my mom.  We had some really yummy food, opened presents, had more yummy food, did some shopping, played Scrabble, had more yummy see the pattern?  Here's a few pics from our day together!

Marissa opening her FAVORITE gift....Polly Pockets!

The next day, we did some last minute grocery shopping and did some cooking for the upcoming Holgrimson celebrations.  I also got the urge to paint my bathroom so I ran to Wal-Mart which by the way was a huge mistake since the lines were extremely long.  I painted my bathroom and put all my new linens that I had got for Christmas up and I was so happy that it was done.  That night we packed up the kids in the van with some hot chocolate and went looking at Christmas lights which is when we discovered our van heater quit :)  Oh, the joys of car ownership!  Nevertheless, we found some pretty lights on houses!  Here's some pics of my new bathroom!  I'm very into grey right now so hence my bathroom is now a shade of gray!

Christmas Eve morning, we celebrated Christmas as the "Four" family.  We started off with Marissa's favorite donut breakfast and opened our packages.  Marissa had some awesome reactions this year and was very sweet helping her brother open his gifts. 

We then headed to G & G Holgrimson's house for Christmas Eve dinner and package opening!  We enjoyed some more yummy food and enjoyed family time! 

Christmas morning we headed out to Great Grandma & Great Grandpa's house early for stockings, cinnaminn rolls, bacon, packages, play time with the cousins and a yummy ham lunch!  Here's a few pics from the day!

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