Friday, February 25, 2011


Marissa has made SO many new friends this year!  One of her very best new friends is Jaelynn!  They take dance class together and go to the same preschool.  Jaelynn is not in Marissa's class as she is a year older then Marissa but they still play together during gym time at school.  She is SO beyond excited to go to her house for a playdate this afternoon. 

She also has a very good friend named none other than Marissa.  So now we have Marissa H and her friend Marissa M.  Marissa M's birthday is next week so Marissa H is super excited to go to Marissa M's cowgirl themed party! 

The list could go on and on with all her friends but it's fun to watch her interact with all these little people :)

Here's a pic of Marissa & Jaelynn the other night at class when they tried on their recital costumes!

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