Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a week!

This week has been a mess!  I started getting a sore throat on Saturday.  I thought I was just getting yet another cold.  Sunday, my throat felt a little worse but by Sunday night into Monday, I was up all night.  I had the worst body aches, ear ache and my throat felt like it was ON FIRE!  Went to the doc as soon as they opened on Monday morning.  Got a strep test and sure enough I have strep throat.  Got meds and went to bed until Wednesday morning.  Yes, I was in bed for two days.  Luckily, Tony was able to watch the kids so I could take a couple "sick days." 

Then, Marissa broke out in this rash on her face which accompanied her runny nose and cough.  I took her in to the doctor on Tuesday and got her antibiotics and cream for her face.  I'm happy to report the rash is looking much better and I think she is feeling better too!

Today, I took Brody to the doctor because he is SO crabby, won't eat and WON'T SLEEP!  Sure enough, he has an ear infection in both ears so now he is on antibiotics. 

So, now it's Tony's turn....I pray that we all get better soon.  I need some sleep again and some happy kids.  Vacation cannot come soon enough! 

Brody starting crying again as I'm writing this post....time to rock him to sleep :) 

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