Monday, June 13, 2011

11 months old!!!

Today is Brody's 11-month birthday!  Another month flies by and we are excited for Brody's 1 year birthday!  He has really grown this month and it's so fun watching all the changes!!!  Here is what he is doing now!

****He has 10 teeth (getting two molars in the back right now)!!

****Crawls everywhere FAST and crawls up the stairs with mom's supervision!

****Wears size 12 months but getting close to moving up in the next size!

****Refuses baby food....shakes head NO NO NO until you force feed him a bite....then maybe he'll eat it!

****Loves to feed himself food.....much prefers it to being fed!

****Starting to give up having a bottle!  Doesn't love the formula anymore!  Soon will be working on whole milk!

****Likes playing with the sippy cup but would rather drink for a normal cup!

****Is a BIG mama's boy....and I oblige with a smile :)

****Wrinkles his nose all the time...and it's so cute! 

****Screams and yells when his toy gets taken away!  Definitely has an opinion now!

****HATES to get buckled in the car seat, HATES putting a bib on, and strongly dislikes the diaper change!

****Loves to play with his sissy and continues to think she is HILARIOUS!

Happy Birthday to my little (getting big so fast) boy!

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