Sunday, June 12, 2011


These are the pics from this week!  Summertime is here....the weather has been interesting so far this summer but we are trying to enjoy the outside time that we have!  We got a season pass to Bunker Beach for the summer!  We were able to take advantage of the warm weather once this week and then it got cold again!  Here's a pic of Brody all ready to swim!

Brody in his swim gear!

Brody is now EVERYWHERE....including crawling up the's what I found him doing the other day....


Then I found Marissa wearing my Zumba skirt....I thought it was cute that she was sneaking around with it I grabbed my camera quick and got a pic!

Zumba time.....

Marissa was helping me out by acting like a baby gate so her brother wouldn't go up the stairs....
Baby gate

Yesterday, we went to the Family Fun Fest and got to see some great bands including Peter Furler.  It was super fun and lots of fun memories!! 

I caught Brody holding hands with Tony

Marissa took this picture.....super cute!

Look who we ran into....the Wahlstroms!

Awesome week!  Looking forward to another fun week ahead!

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