Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Picture Post.....

Every week I look back in my phone and see what pictures I took to see what we were up to!  I like posting it on the blog so I can remember all the little fun things that consumed our time :)  So here it is our week in pictures!

Brody got a new car seat!  BIG BOY!!!

Favorite thing to do is swing!!

Gum Mustache!

I asked Marissa to make her bed.  She was so proud!  I was too and I had to take a picture of it since I thought it was funny that she piled as many "friends" as possible on it!

Marissa figured out how to get in the hammock by herself!  She LOVES it!

Look who crawled on top of the couch!  WATCH OUT!

1st bike trailer ride for Brody!

Brody was sitting the right way but he managed to move himself to swing sideways!

Emma and Marissa:  TWINS!

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