Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living life....

I don't have anything really great to blog about today but I found a few pictures from the last week that I thought I would post! 

Last Thursday, Marissa got her costumes for her dance recital in May.  She was so super excited to try them on!  Pictures are in the next few weeks and she even gets to take a picture with her daddy since he is going to be doing the father/daughter dance with her.  She LOVED the dresses which makes it all worth it to see her excitement!

We've been spending lots of time enjoying the warmer weather.  The kids like to explore in the yard and play on their bikes, take walks around the neighborhood and just enjoy the fresh air!  Brody insists on wearing sunglasses so poor kid always gets stuck with girl ones!  I need to get him a pair of his own soon! 

To finish up this picture post....this happened yesterday.  Both kids wanted a kiss and it was so cute!  Couldn't help but snap a picture!

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