Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dance Recital Weekend!

We just finished up the weekend of Dance Recital fun!  Marissa really enjoyed the weekend and as she was getting changed out of her last costume, she looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm really going to miss dance and I don't want it to be over."  So, that makes a mama happy that she had so much fun!  She did a good job being appreciative to her daddy for dancing with her too.  She did a great job being thankful and that makes us willing to do it with her again starting in the Fall.  I'm looking forward to having a break this summer of all the practices :)  Here's some pictures from our weekend!

Ballet Costume:  Bop Til' You Drop

Mommy & Marissa

Dancin' Feet Studio Picture

Father/Daughter Dance

Marissa and her BFF at dance, Lexi!

Marissa and Daddy dancing to Angel in My Arms!

Grammy & Marissa

Proud of my little girl!

Father/Daughter Dance Day 2

Grandpa and his girl!

Grandma and Marissa

G & G Holgrimson and Marissa

Both dancers :)

Marissa and Meghan

Family Pic!

To finish up this post, Marissa also had her first soccer game this week.  Uncle John & Aunt Beth and Meghan, Abby & Sophia came out to cheer Marissa on.  She was super excited about that!  We even got to end the night with some ice cream!  Tomorrow night, she has game #2!  She also on the tail end of her school year with only 5 days left of school!  Preschool graduation is coming up quickly!  Here's some pics from her soccer game!  More fun to come this week!

Group Huddle

Brody cheering!

Marissa with her little cousins:  Meghan & Abby

Marissa with her Uncle John and Sophia & Abby

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